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"Move! Imagine! Grow!

Creative Movement Fun for Young Children"

"Move! Imagine! Grow!" is the answer to every parent and teacher’s question… What activities can I do with the kids that are new, interesting, fun and provide learning opportunities
all at the same time?
"Move! Imagine! Grow!" features activities designed to activate children’s minds and bodies in discovering movement, music and their imaginations while developing motor skills, balance, coordination and many key development skills.  Step-by-step instructions guide teachers and parents in everything from set-up, materials needed, music suggestions and skills developed.

                The book is organized by age group and includes:
                  1. Introduction to Creative Movement
                  2. Adapting activities for children with special needs
                  3. Classroom management techniques for various group                               sizes.
                  4. A cross-referenced chart of 30 different skills in lessons

                      addressing specific developmental needs.

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