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The Story Behind Our Press Name

          The inspiration behind our press name comes from a sweet song our dear Mother, Helen M. Pettengill, used to sing to my ten siblings and me when we were very young.  The song is one she learned as a child, growing up in England in the 1920s and 1930s, entitled, “I Wish I Was a Little Rock,” lyricist unknown. This song, like so many others she sang to us, inspired creativity, imagination, curiosity, and a love of learning and exploring in each of us.

        The name, Little Rock Press, embodies, for me, a sense of reverie and daydreaming as if sitting up high above the land, like a little rock viewing the world with a sense of wonder and curiosity.  Here are the lyrics to this song, which has inspired our family for many years!

I Wish I Was a Little Rock

A Sittin’ on a Hill

Doin’ Nothin’ All Day Long

But Just a-Sittin’ Still

I Wouldn’t Eat,

I Wouldn’t Sleep,

I wouldn’t Even Wash.

I’d Just Sit Still

A Thousand Years

And Rest Myself

By Gosh!

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