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At Little Rock Press, we believe...

... that imagination is the spark that empowers children and adults to create, develop and enact new ideas, new ways of doing things and new solutions to problems.

...  that imagination taps into the brain's neuron connections to capture all the stimulation to our senses, bringing it all together in bursts of creativity, innovation and new perspectives of our immediate environment.

... everyone needs opportunities to stimulate their imagination and explore their environment to further develop their brains.

... imagination is the source of fun, inventiveness, creativity, and the joy of sharing explorations together.


 We are so pleased to be launching our first publication, Move! Imagine! Grow! - Creative Movement Fun for Young Children, which is an embodiment of our beliefs and is the culmination of imaginative, creative movement teaching that spanned a 31-year career for co-author, Helen Pettengill!  We invite you to read more about Helen and the journey to this publication on the "Our Journey" page. 


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